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David Lawrence’s work is rooted in the English Idiom: in its chronicles and customs, traditions and eccentricities. The English Landscape in all its moods, the Seasons’ changing colours and the patterns they make on the hills are elements which run throughout his paintings and sculptures.

It is a place of history and mystery and his work often references past legends and myths – both real and imagined.


He began work as an illustrator – as a 'pastiche artist' - in Advertising & Publishing: mimicking the styles and techniques of the Masters - from Bewick woodcuts through Leonardo & Rembrandt to Van Gogh & Kandinsky - working on high profile campaigns promoting everything from leading brands of beer and cheese to haemorrhoid cream.

He also works as a designer for The Royal Mint and sculptor – creating the very successful range of “From the Greenwood” greenman wall plaques.


Now he spends his time creating images of greater depth and beauty.


All paintings, unless already SOLD, are available for purchase.

Click on images for details.

They come ready framed and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

David Lawrence lives and works in Richmond, North Yorkshire

+44(0)7704 208774

Link to Commercial Illustration website:

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